15.08.2016 – Masterclass “Magic of health sleeping”

Togas EventTogas has held a masterclass “Magic of health sleeping’ in Boutique-mall Colibri last weekend. Also visitors had a chance to be acknowledged about healthy mattresses produced by RUF Betten, which fully adopt and request for comfortable and healthy sleep. All mattresses are fully can be chosen individually in accordance personal requirements. Visitors participated in master-class could ask different questions from experts and get consultancy from professional somnologist Aliya Baidauletova

In the master class Togas experts c gladly acquaint visitors with the magic of a full sleep and wonderful world that is revealed to us at night, at the moment when our eyes are closed …
Togas focuses on “Beauty Technologies” in the textile industry, striving to create new fabrics and fillers, relieves allergic reactions, improve the condition of the skin and promote its regeneration at the cellular level. Blankets and pillows are made from milk-fiber, blankets with climate control, high-quality linens eucalyptus wood, exclusive fabrics coated with silver ions.
A healthy and proper sleep begins with a properly selected mattress, which in conjunction with the bed-frame and the bed provides maximum comfort and relaxation to the body during sleep. RUF Betten offers a wide range of comfortable mattresses for your choice, from the spring-frame 5-zone to super-comfortable 7-zone PU and fully Boxspring mattresses. From the entire range mattresses of RUF Betten everyone can find the desired comfort, ergonomics, and hardness. All mattresses have removable covers (except mattress M4). which are easily washable, hypoallergenic and have an air access – for example AirVent system, which allows the body to breathe during sleep and balance the heat exchange with the ambient temperature. Only eco-friendly and high-quality materials used in the manufacture of these mattresses. The development of each model of the mattress goes in accompanying with the “German Sleep Society”. All mattresses are manufactured in Germany.