brühl | les copains

les copains
Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

Airy companions – in a minimalistic yet elegant format. Filigree but durable and with decorative handmade wickerwork made from hemp, high-tech-string or stainless steel wire rope. Individually composed using unique materials and details. Available with three distinctive backrest designs: medium, low and small (without armrests). The frames are black powder-coated, galvanised or made from chrome or stainless steel. Here: stool and chairs small, low and medium, matched with a les copains plywood table.

brühl | belami – smooth

belami – smooth
Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

belami cubic armchairs with a smooth, removable covers combine a distinctive design with exceptional comfort. The row of armchairs in fresh colours is linked through the use of white-painted wooden base frames throughout. Removable covers in fabric or leather, base frame painted white or black or in beech, oak or walnut.

brühl | belami – tacked

belami – tacked
Design Kati Meyer-Brühl

belami cubic armchairs combine minimalist design with exceptional comfort. Decorative pieces of furniture in premium soft-touch leather and elaborate button back finish that keep their value thanks to outstanding workmanship. With a linear base frame in natural beech or painted black or white.