System Boxspring Beds

RUF | Adesso

Elegant down to the smallest detail

The bed you choose shows your good judgement – its overall look reflects your good taste Whatever you choose, this bed always provides you with reclining comfort. The straight headboard features classical elegance and consciously foregoes superfluous ornament. Instead, the cover makes a statement – and RUF Betten provides hundreds of solid-colour fabrics to facilitate an individual choice.

Find inspiration for designing the bed of your dreams in the options this programme offers. RUF ADESSO is a modern modular programme in which you can create the form, function and look of the model you require – all by yourself. The most reassuring aspect of the process: the heavenly comfort provided by this boxspring bed, which will give you fantastic nights in the truest sense of the word. The perfectly harmonised comfort levels enable high quality, completely silent reclining combined with the mattress of your choice. Its smart AIRVent ventilation and high floor clearance also deliver the ideal, all-round ventilation required for a constantly fresh bed environment. With RUF ADESSO, you will enjoy boxspring comfort in its purest form. Available in 18 different sizes, with width 100/120/140/160/180/200 cm, length 200/210/220 cm and three types of headboards:
– KTE – simple headboard;
– KTP – decorative headboard, non-functional;
– KTV – an individual functional headboard.


RUF Betten.Adesso KTV

RUF Betten | Adesso KTV

RUF Betten. Adesso KTP

RUF Betten | Adesso KTP

RUF Betten. Adesso KTE

RUF Betten | Adesso KTE

RUF. Adesso KTV

RUF Betten | Adesso KTV

RUF. Adesso KTP

RUF Betten | Adesso KTP

RUF. Adesso KTE

RUF Betten | Adesso KTE

















RUF | Primero

Personality is seen in the details

Your life? Different. Your taste? Discerning. Your sleeping philosophy? Box spring. Then RUFïPRIMERO is the loveliest way to create your life and enjoy sleeping in new dimensions. Especially in this combination, which reflects classic understatement and offers fabulous leaning comfort.

Be inspired by the numerous programme modules to design your own creations, and allow yourself the freedom of designing your bed yourself. Start your freedom with RUF | PRIMERO. Because this bed programme offers classic box spring comfort, wrapped in soft, new shape packaging. Combines a near-ground, floating look with voluminous and functional headboard shapes. Combines luxurious triple comfort with the optimum bed climate thanks to the new combiVENT ventilation. Guaranteed well-being and relaxation by day and night. Primero offers you different 18 sizes. Width may be 100/120/140/160/180/200 cm, length 200/210/220 cm. Choice of 4 spring-mattresses of TLX. Improved sleeping place by ventilation CombiVENT system. 4 types of headboards upon your choice:
– KTB: comfortable and soft headboard;
– KT-KF: adjustable headboard, for instance to read a book or watch a TV. Starting from 140 cm bed consist from two parts;
– KTO: volumed headboard with soft folds;
– KTD: adjustable headboard with roller-shapes.


RUF Betten. Primero KTO

RUF Betten | Primero KTO

RUF Betten. Primero KT-KF

RUF Betten | Primero KT-KF

RUF Betten. Primero KTD

RUF Betten | Primero KTD

RUF Betten. Primero KTB

RUF Betten | Primero KTB
















RUF | Veronesse

Elegance in style and comfort

After all, the RUF-VERONESSE is a QLX box spring bed base which offers enhanced added value – four intelligent and perfectly harmonised sleeping comfort levels with an integrated cushioning level which minimises spring-on-spring vibrations. And let’s not forget the back-friendly sitting and lying heat which makes it easy to sit up and lie down. And for those who wish, a ventilated base can also be integrated into the box spring bed which is already ideally aerated via the AIRVent system developed by RUF Betten.

But that’s not all: RUF-VERONESSE is also a bed range which can be tailored to meet all your requirements. This means you have the freedom to create a unique bed in terms of both looks and comfort.
Veronesse offers you in 18 different sizes. The width may be 100/120/140/160/180/200 cm, legth 190/200/220 cm. Choice of two types of spring QLX mattresses which is consist from 4 components. It gives a maximal comfort for your relaxing. Choice of 9 types of legs. Available more than 300 variations of fabrics and eco-leathers. 7 types of headboards upon your choice:
– KT-AF: classical headboard with high level comfort;
– KT-CNS: headboard in Cacharel style (narrow version);
– KT-GF: two-coloured headboard with changable cover;
– KT-KRS: headboard with frequent vertical and horizontal lines (narrow version);
– KT-MV: an individual adjustable headboard for each side;
– KT-VI: headboard moves front-back and saves space. In beds size start from 140 cm consist from two sizes.


RUF Betten. Veronesse KT-MV

RUF Betten | Veronesse KT-MV

RUF Betten. Veronesse KT-KRS

RUF Betten | Veronesse KT-KRS

RUF Betten. Veronesse KT-VI

RUF Betten | Veronesse KT-VI

RUF Betten. Veronesse KT-GF

RUF Betten | Veronesse KT-GF

RUF Betten. Veronesse KT-CNS

RUF Betten | Veronesse KT-CNS

RUF Betten. Veronesse KT-AF

RUF Betten | Veronesse KT-AF