System Upholstered Beds

RUF | Casa

Let yourself be tempted to design your own creations. RUF|CASA is not a programme for just anyone. CASA is for people who do not think that beds that are meant for the masses are beautiful or unmistakeable or good enough. Design that shows it is of today – and comfort that will still be valid tomorrow. Because you decide whether you want your bed to have a bed base or not – or perhaps even to have the legendary box spring technology, but “CLX inside” so that it also looks good on the outside. You will soon see that it has been easier to be free. But it has never been more interesting!
For your choice 6 types of headboards and 18 different bed sizes, with width 100/120/140/160/180/200 and length 190/200/210 cm. Also available two variants of legs height – 15 or 20 cm.
– KTD: adjustable headboard, on beds sizes more than 140 cm come with 2 sides
– KTG: straight headboard
– KTR: curved headboard with stitch in the middle
– KTV: adjustable – moves back, on beds sizes more than 140 cm come with 2 sides
– KTW: comfortable headboard with pillows, non-adjustable
– KT-BF: simple straight headboard without any functions.

RUF Betten. Casa KT-BF

RUF Betten | Casa KT-BF

RUF Betten. Casa KTW

RUF Betten | Casa KTW

RUF Betten. Casa KTV

RUF Betten | Casa KTV

RUF Betten. Casa KTR

RUF Betten | Casa KTR

RUF Betten. Casa KTG

RUF Betten | Casa KTG

RUF Betten. Casa KTD

RUF Betten | Casa KTD
















RUF | Composium

Charming by day and night

Combining traditional materials and quality with modern feminine aesthetics, RUF | COMPOSIUM KTA immediately captures its owner’s heart. The practical detail of the removable headboard cover – some fabrics can be dry cleaned – also convinces the head.

Perfect throughout: RUF | COMPOSIUM KT-BF radiates comfort and impresses with strongly accented craftsmanship. Delicate leather applications (always in fawn) are just as characteristic for this soft upholstered headboard as the surrounding piping that demonstrates attention to detail and precision craftsmanship. A unique style and a real eye-catcher in your bedroom.

The harmony of classic beauty. The perfection of contemporary sleeping comfort. The name of the dream: RUF | COMPOSIUM KTK 1. Whether as a double or single bed, with fixed covers on the headboards. Always with any amount of storage space in the ventilated double-walled bed base that represents RUF’s first-class quality. Mould and mildew don’t stand a chance; instead, we make sure there is always the perfect microclimate in your bed base.

Choose the RUF | COMPOSIUM system, and you are choosing individual style. For the freedom of having and living one’s own taste. This independence doesn’t stop at individual luxury – whether you give your bed the box spring feeling, or even the fully automatic adjustable spring wood frame. Your furnishing specialist will be pleased to tell you more about the technical details.

Those who appreciate perfect craftsmanship will love this headboard. Stylish elegance combined with the gentle curves and the delicate piping, all in RUF Napetta Leatherlook that is not only easy to clean but also delicate and soft to the touch – that is discreet charm in harmony with absolute perfection. For those who prefer their fabric to have texture: of course, you can also choose RUF | COMPOSIUM KTK 4 in one of our many plain fabrics.

Comfort, 21st-century style. RUF | COMPOSIUM KTQ forms a bridge between the opposites timeless and contemporary, sophisticated coolness and comfortable warmth, puristic aesthetics and unbeatable sleeping comfort. And almost incidentally reveals its skilled craftsmanship. The softly upholstered cassette-effect headboard and all-round piping with deep decorative quilting seams is not only beautifully made, but also extremely comfortable.

Comfort that’s close enough to touch
Harmonious lines, maximum comfort – and a double helping of practical details: the headboard upholstery of the RUF|COMPOSIUM KTV bed adjusts forwards in several stages – easily and neatly from the bed. So the bed can also be positioned against a wall. On the KTV-AB version, the upholstery also has removable covers, which are perfect for snuggling and leaning against. Comfort at its very best.

Allow the variety of this bed programme to captivate you and invite you to experience your own creativity. The Composium System literally enables you to influence every detail – from a variety of headboards to the comfort of your bed base with a traditional suspension consisting of spring wood frame and mattress or with a splendid box spring feeling. You alone decide how your personal dream bed is going to look at the end.

Composium offers you 18 beds sizes: width 100/120/140/160/180/200 and length 190/200/210 cm

RUF Betten. Composium KTK4

RUF Betten | Composium KTK4

RUF Betten. Composium KTQ

RUF Betten | Composium KTQ

RUF Betten. Composium KTV

RUF Betten | Composium KTV

RUF Betten. Composium KTK1

RUF Betten | Composium KTK1

RUF Betten. Composium KTK2

RUF Betten | Composium KTK2

RUF Betten. Composium KTA

RUF Betten | Composium KTA
















RUF | Loftline

All-round comfort all inclusive
This bed is the perfect combination of the sensuous and the practical. The headboard can be adjusted in several positions, and each side individually on beds from 140 cm width. The movable functional light casts an elegant glow, while the swivel table is available to match the chrome or aluminium legs – but always combined with a glass top in a combination of clear and frosted glass. RUF | LOFTLINE KTV offers all the advantages in the smallest space.

Where the loveliest curves are also the most comfortable.
It may be true that we can’t reinvent the wheel. But as you can see, that doesn’t apply to beds! And if it radiates as much skilled perfection as this one, and is as irresistible for leaning against as the exceptionally elegant headboard of LOFTLINE KT-CN with the seams that reveal a great passion for detail, then it will quickly become the focal point in any bedroom.

Practical, or just for well-being? You can have both here!
Achieve the maximum possibilities and optimum comfort by the simplest means: RUF|LOFTLINE KT-MV proves this again and again. The headboard upholstery – which comes in one piece on the beds 100 and 120 cm wide, and in two pieces on beds from 140 cm wide – is easy to move forward in several stages. This saves space, because your bed can still be positioned against the wall.

Luxury that you deserve
RUF | LOFTLINE KTXL: At last a bed that lets you show how great you are! The extension wedge that is integrated between the mattress and headboard gives you an additional 10 cm of lying surface – at the same price! Don’t need it? Then just fold the headboard down, and you’ve got something wonderful to lean against. You might not think you need it, but you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get used to it!

Allow yourself to be enchanted, and conjure up your dream of a luxury bed. If you love timeless looks and discerning elegance, you will love LOFTLINE. And appreciate that despite the consistency in aesthetics, this bed programme also gives you the freedom to make your own personal ideas come true. Not least on the inside, which is also available with the wonderful box spring feeling. After all, that’s the main thing about a bed: so you sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed.

The entire program of Loftline offer you 18 beds sizes: width 100/120/140/160/180/200 and length 190/200/210 cm


RUF Betten. Loftline KT-XL

RUF Betten | Loftline KT-XL

RUF Betten. Loftline KT-MV

RUF Betten | Loftline KT-MV

RUF Betten. Loftline KT-CN

RUF Betten | Loftline KT-CN

RUF Betten. Loftline KTV

RUF Betten | Loftline KTV

RUF Betten. Loftline KTV

RUF Betten | Loftline KTV

RUF Betten. Loftline KTV

RUF Betten | Loftline KTV

















Only from RUF|Betten
Aesthetic purism of the intelligent kind: UNO-DUE KTH – also available as KTN in a lower version – impresses on several counts: designed for singles or doubles, easy-care with leather look cover, simple and elegant for your well-being.

Simply practical – turn one into two
Pure elegance is evident in the softly upholstered headboard of RUF|UNO-DUE KTM with a high level of reclining comfort and the crosswise Cacharel seam; the entire UNO-DUE system stands for contemporary comfort for two or one.

If you have long been dreaming of the bed that will offer you the undiminished comfort of a double bed but that you can turn into two full single beds in moments, then your dream can come true with UNO-DUE. Whether used as a double or single bed, UNO-DUE performs its tasks with elegance, and appeals for a concept that is as simple as it is perfect: two identical single beds have catches on the inside of the bed or bed box that keep them together, or are released to undo them. A bedspread is available on request with a concealed zip that undoes in seconds to separate the bedspread into two single covers. The whole thing is on castors (that lock naturally when under load) or fixed, with flexible or fixed headboard shapes, high or low and, of course, with the individual choice of interior – all of which is without equal.

Available sizes: width 90/100/180/200 and length 190/200/210 cm.


RUF Betten. Uno Due KTH

RUF Betten | Uno Due KTH

RUF Betten. Uno Due KTH

RUF Betten | Uno Due KTH

RUF Betten. Uno Due KTH

RUF Betten | Uno Due KTH

RUF Betten. Uno Due KTM

RUF Betten | Uno Due KTM

RUF Betten. Uno Due KTM

RUF Betten | Uno Due KTM

RUF Betten. Uno Due KTM

RUF Betten | Uno Due KTM